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Example Pascal Programs from the "Learn to program using Lazarus" book.
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anchoring Add anchoring example 1 year ago
chemCollection Add chemCollection example program 1 year ago
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drawing demo Fix polymorphic drawing example 1 year ago
edit_props Add edit_props example 1 year ago
filecopy Add filecopy example 1 year ago
first_gui Add basic GUI example 1 year ago
label_properties Add two GUI Label examples 1 year ago
labels Add two GUI Label examples 1 year ago
numberediting Add numberediting example 1 year ago
polymorphic class Some formatting fixes 1 year ago
sListExample Add sListExample 1 year ago
set_demo Add Set Demo example 1 year ago
simple_examples Add procedural type example 1 year ago
statusbar_demo Add statusbar_demo example 1 year ago
stream_visualize Add stream visualize example 1 year ago
test_dateform Add test dateform example 1 year ago
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