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Timothy Warren timw4mail

Experimenting with numbers in Rust

Updated 3 weeks ago

Attempt to parse JSON in Rust. Based on:

Updated 3 months ago

A rawmode CLI editor, in PHP, based on the C Kilo tutorial:

Updated 2 months ago

A blog application implemented with multiple frameworks

Updated 2 weeks ago

A Rust implementation of the Kilo text editor tutorial:

Updated 7 months ago

An attempt to make a less strongly-typed database abstraction layer for Rust.

Updated 10 months ago

An experiment using a Rust framework to build a Media Collection manager.

Updated 1 year ago

Fork of to be compatible with PHP 7.

Updated 1 year ago

Short reference of React.Component lifecycle methods so I don't have to scroll through the huge text on the official documentation

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 1 year ago