A Query Builder and Database abstraction layer
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!-- This is a skeleton phpDox config file - Check http://phpDox.de for latest version and more info -->
<phpdox xmlns="http://xml.phpdox.net/config" silent="false">
<!-- @silent: true | false to enable or disable visual output of progress -->
<!-- Additional bootstrap files to load for additional parsers, enrichers and/or engines -->
<!-- Place as many require nodes as you feel like in this container -->
<!-- syntax: <require file="/path/to/file.php" /> -->
<bootstrap />
<!-- A phpDox project to process, you can have multiple projects in one config file -->
<project name="Query" source="src" workdir="build/phpdox/xml">
<!-- @name - The name of the project -->
<!-- @source - The source directory of the application to process -->
<!-- @workdir - The directory to store the xml data files in -->
<!-- A phpDox config file can define additional variables (properties) per project -->
<!-- <property name="some.name" value="the.value" /> -->
<!-- Values can make use of previously defined properties -->
<!-- The following are defined by default:
${basedir} Directory the loaded config file is in
${phpDox.home} Directory of the phpDox installation
${phpDox.file} The current config file
${phpDox.version} phpDox' version number
${phpDox.project.name} The value of project/@name if set, otherwise 'unnamed'
${phpDox.project.source} The value of project/@source if set, otherwise '${basedir}/src'
${phpDox.project.workdir} The value of project/@workdir if set, otherwise '${basedir}/build/phpdox/xml'
${phpDox.php.version} The PHP Version of the interpreter in use
<!-- Additional configuration for the collecting process (parsing of php code, generation of xml data) -->
<collector publiconly="true" backend="parser" encoding="auto">
<!-- @publiconly - Flag to disable/enable processing of non public methods and members -->
<!-- @backend - The collector backend to use, currently only shipping with 'parser' -->
<!-- @encoding - Charset encoding of source files (overwrite default 'auto' if detection fails) -->
<!-- <include / exclude filter for filelist generator, mask must follow fnmatch() requirements -->
<include mask="*.php" />
<exclude mask="" />
<!-- How to handle inheritance -->
<inheritance resolve="true">
<!-- @resolve - Flag to enable/disable resolving of inheritance -->
<!-- You can define multiple (external) dependencies to be included -->
<!-- <dependency path="" -->
<!-- @path - path to a directory containing an index.xml for a dependency project -->
<!-- Configuration of generation process -->
<generator output="apiDocumentation">
<!-- @output - (Base-)Directory to store output data in -->
<!-- A generation process consists of one or more build tasks and of (optional) enrich sources -->
<enrich base="build/logs">
<!-- @base - (Base-)Directory of datafiles used for enrich process -->
<!--<source type="...">-->
<!-- @type - the handler for the enrichment -->
<!-- known types by default are: build, checkstyle, git, phpcs, phploc, phpunit, pmd -->
<!-- every enrichment source can have additional configuration nodes, most probably need a logfile -->
<!-- <file name="path/to/log.xml" /> -->
<!--</source> -->
<!-- add phploc output -->
<source type="phploc">
<file name="phploc.xml" />
<!-- git vcs information -->
<!-- <source type="git">
<git binary="/usr/bin/git" />
<history enabled="true" limit="15" cache="${phpDox.project.workdir}/gitlog.xml" />
</source> -->
<!-- PHP Code Sniffer findings -->
<source type="checkstyle">
<file name="phpcs.xml" />
<!-- PHPMessDetector -->
<source type="pmd">
<file name="phpmd.xml" />
<!-- PHPUnit Coverage XML -->
<source type="phpunit">
<filter directory="${phpDox.project.source}" />
<coverage path="coverage" />
<!-- <build engine="..." enabled="true" output="..." /> -->
<!-- @engine - The name of the engine this build task uses, use ./phpDox - -engines to get a list of available engines -->
<!-- @enabled - Flag to enable/disable this engine, default: enabled=true -->
<!-- @output - (optional) Output directory; if relative (no / as first char) it is interpreted as relative to generator/@output -->
<!-- An engine and thus build node can have additional configuration child nodes, please check the documentation for the engine to find out more -->
<!-- default engine "html" -->
<build engine="html" enabled="true">
<template dir="${phpDox.home}/templates/html" />
<file extension="html" />